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Travel Agents 'Frequently Asked Questions'

 What is your commission policy?

Economy Rent a Car pays a 10% commission on time and mileage for all qualified rentals.Domestic and Canadian commission is paid on the 15th of the month following the rental. International commission is paid once the commission level reaches $25.00 USD or every 6 months, wich ever occurs first. For questions about commissions please send us an e-mail to or by calling US Toll Free in the U.S. and Canada at (877) 326-7368 free. International Callers may dial 506-2299 - 2000.

 How do I receive my commission, and how often?

Commissions are paid electronically through the Dell TACS program on or about the middle of the month for rentals that were rented and returned in the previous month.

 What if I have inquiries about my commission?

You can send us an email to

 What if I have a trouble booking a reservation?

If you have trouble booking feel free to call us at any of our numbers. To check all of our available numbers click in here.

 How can I assure that my costumer is aware of the rental city´s policies when I send them on their way?

Our rental city´s policies are available online, just click here and search for the location you are interested in.

 Who do I contact regarding costumer service issues?

You can contact our customer service representatives at